About Leila

Leila was a lovely person, who loved life and had many interests and friends. She especially loved running socially and as an active member of Garden City Runners and 100 Marathon Club.

Leila completed over 200 marathons in the UK, Europe and around the world including New York, Perth and Honolulu. Never short of things to talk about, you could be sure that miles would just fly by when running in her company, and even the dullest run would become a joy! She was always interested in and praised the achievements of her running friends.

Leila’s last marathon was at Abingdon when shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with cancer, her last run was at the Pathfinder in 2012. Soon after that, her condition deteriorated again. She would never run again, and she passed away in February 2013.

To-date we have donated over £6000 to Michael Sobell Hospice in 2016